Immigration Law Services

H-1B Visas

As you may know, the H-1B is one of the most common work visas for professionals in the United States.  It is used for engineers, scientists, physicians, accountants, architects and many others. Read More….

Nonimmigrant Visas

There are a dizzying variety of options for an individual to come to the United States.  The majority of these purposes require the foreign national to obtain a non-immigrant “visa stamp” at a US consulate outside the US first, in order to be admitted to the US.  Read More….

Marriage Based Immigration

Spouses of Citizens of the United States are given preferential treatment in the allocation of green cards, as well as other significant “waivers” of immigration violations. The spouse of a US Citizen is considered an “immediate relative” and as such, there… Read More….

US Citizenship

US Citizenship can be obtained either by birth in the U.S., deriving or acquiring citizenship through your parents or through a process of application to the USCIS, termed “Naturalization”. Most individuals must hold “green card” (LPR) status for a period of 5 years or more…  Read More….

Employment Based Immigration

There are several methods in which an individual can obtain a ‘green card’ in the United States. The majority of these methods require the foreign national to have an employer willing to act as their “sponsor” in offering a full-time, permanent job offer. However… Read More….

Family Based Immigration

The U.S. Immigration law has a complicated system which determines which relation of relative can provide benefits to another. Those deemed of the highest priority are parents of US citizens, children of US citizens, and spouses of US citizens.     Read More….


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