Employment Based Immigration

There are several methods in which an individual can obtain a ‘green card’ (LPR status) in the United States.

Who is Eligible?

The majority of these methods require the foreign national to have a U.S. employer willing to act as a “sponsor” in offering a full-time, permanent job offer.  However, there remain several categories open to individuals whose work is deemed to be in the US National Interest, those with Extraordinary Abilities in science, art, education, business or athletics or those willing to make a substantial Investment in the United States that can proceed without such a job offer.

About the Process:

Depending on which method is elected, timeframes can vary dramatically from several months to several years.  Therefore, it is very important to have a skilled immigration attorney examine your specific situation (or that of your potential employee) and provide a comprehensive analysis of the options available.  The immigration attorney can then advise you on a realistic timeline and a fair statement of costs for each option, and guide you through the process of applying.    Along the way, a skilled immigration attorney can answer important questions or concerns regarding family members, help avoid any interruptions to travel or employment, and ensure that everyone is aware of the guideposts along the way.

 The most common employment immigration visa categories:

  • Labor Certification through PERM
  • Application for classification as an Outstanding Researcher
  • Application for a National Interest Waiver
  • Application for classification as an alien of Extraordinary Ability
  • Priority Worker / Multinational Manager or Executive

Boston immigration lawyer Adrienne J. Vaughan realizes that selecting and obtaining the best immigrant visa status is an extremely complex process that involves weighing many individualized factors.  It is also a very discretionary process in which the immigration attorney’s experience with similar cases is crucial.  Attorney Adrienne J. Vaughan has over ten years analyzing individual qualifications to select the best green card category with the highest chances of success.  We realize that your time and money invested in the process are both valuable and limited.   In light of this, we anticipate that you will have numerous questions along the way and welcome you to ask them all so that you feel confident in the process.

No individual is too small or company too large to merit our undivided attention to your particular immigrant visa situation. Call or email us for a no-cost/no obligation phone discussion about your matter.

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