Boston Immigration and Visa Lawyer specializing in Nonimmigrant Visas, Employment Based Immigration,Family Based Immigration, Marriage Based Immigration and U.S. Citizenship.

Experienced Immigration Lawyer Offering Personalized Service 

Founding Boston Immigration Attorney Adrienne J. Vaughan brings over a decade in immigration law experience to the Law Office of Adrienne J. Vaughan, LLC.  The practice focuses exclusively in the area of United States Immigration law.

Boston immigration attorney Adrienne J. Vaughan works with individuals and companies from around the country and around the globe. Our employment services range from small start-ups to multinational corporations on a broad range of nonimmigrant (temporary) and immigrant (permanent) visa options for their valued employees. We also advise individuals in employment, marriage and family immigration matters. We welcome you to explore our services further and to call or email us for additional information or to discuss if a collaboration with our firm is right for you.

We offer immigration law services and consulting to both corporations and individuals. No company or individual is
too small to merit our undivided attention and guidance. 

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